ARB 18 Airport Revolving Beacon  ARB-18 AIRPORT REVOLVING BEACON

  • FEATURES: , The ARB-18 is a versatile stand alone high range gearless revolving Airport Location LED Beacon.
  • LED PANELS : The octagonal shaped rotating assembly is made of 8 alumunium plates. Upto 8 LED panels cab be fitted on the alumunium plates to suit the required light characters and with the selectable rotation period, variety of light characters can be achieved.
  • LED PANELS DRIVE :The LED panel assembly is rotated by a low power microprocessor controlled gearless system. the drive systems are duplicated. If one drive fails, the standby drive switches ON automatically. Also the standby drive can manually be switch-ON from the front control panel.
  • LED CONTROLLER:The LED controller is microprocessor based unit incorporating all the controls. Also it has solar charge regulator for the battery protection from over / under charge. The beacon switches ON/OFF automatically.
  • LIGHT CHARACTERS/ROTATION SPEED SETTING : The speeds are pre-set for 20,25 and 30 flashes per revolution as per ICAO. By selecting the no. of LED panels and setting required speed can create all the desired light characters. (other speeds can be set on request.)
  • MONITORING : (OPTIONAL):The system is suitable for remotely monitoring of all the necessary functions of the beacon by using GPS and GSM system.
  • CONTROL PANEL :The control panel is fitted on the front part of the beacon body containing all the manual controls and indication lamps etc.
  • POWER SUPPLY :The beacon can be supplied with solar supply system or AC/DC unit with battery standby for mains supply system.

 ARB 18 Airport Revolving Beacon   Specification:(As Per ICAO-ANNEX 14 )

Beacon Type ARB-18
Stationary Intensity 180,000 cds(18 n.mile range)
Effective Intensity 10 to 20 = 40,000 cds
30 to 70 = 80,000 cds
80 to 100 = 40,000 cds
Light Character 20, 25 or 30 Flashes per min. as per ICAO
Light source High lumens LEDs (146 lumens/LED)
Optic system High power secondary lens fitted on each LED giving 29.4 cd/Lm
Light Colour White only, white/green, or yellow/green
Beam Divergence 3600 Visible at all angles of azimuth
No. of LED panels 8 Nos. in octagon shape, 4 in service & 4 standby.
Speed of rotation 0.5 to 10 rpm (10 speeds pre-programmed)
Light control Automatic ON/OFF with photocell
Power supply 24V DC 250 Watt.
LED controller To control all the functions
Charge controller (for solar supply) Solar charge controller provided for the batteries safety in LED Controller.
Protection Against reverse polarity, over voltage, and short circuit.
Body Aluminum alloy casting weather proof sealed to IP65 standard
Overall Dimension 700 mm high x 700 mm body dia x 425 mm Focal height
Weight 35 Kg. (approx)
Fixing 4 Nos. 18 mm dia holes equi-spaced at 560 mm PCD for M16 SS bolts.
LED service period 10 years by service LED panels and another 10 years by standby LED panels.
Maintenance This Means No LEDs required for 20 years of service period.