Programmable LED Controller  Programmable LED Controller

  1. FEATURES: , The PLC-12 Programmable LED controller is a microcontroller based unit, incorporating all the control/ indication functions required to operate LED lanterns. The PLC-12 PCB is contained in our standard 110 mm dia. enclosure for maximum environmental protection.
  2. CURRENT REGULATION: High efficiency Pulse-Width Modulation for variable input voltage has been employed to stabilize the LED current which is set in the factory as per LED load requirement.
  3. CHARACTER PROGRAMMING:256 characters as per IALA have been programmed in the PLC-12 programmable LED controller. Two small selector switches each 16-way giving 16 x 16 = 256 character are programmed. Any of the characters can be selected at site with the selector switches provided.
  4. LED CONTROLLER:The light is automatically switched ON at dusk and OFF at dawn.
  5. SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER:The PLC-12 LED controller incorporates a temperature compensated solar charge regulator to optimize the charging of the battery and prevent its overcharging and disables load at low voltage.
    • Solar voltage upper limit setting for charging Battery:-
    • For 12V system : 13.5V to 14.5V in 0.1V increment. (Solar panel input disables above 14.5V)
    • Load disabled setting from Battery.
    • For 12V system : 10.5V to 11.5V in 0.1V increment. (reconnects at 12V)
  6. SYCHRONISATION FACILITY:The PLC-12 LED controller has provision for synchronising, multiple units to flash the lights in unison through GPS system.
  7. MONITORING FACILITY:The PLC-12 LED controller has provision for working with our marine Remote Monitoring unit. MRM-100 to monitor all the functions of the Buoy and navigational light and sending the information to one or many designated mobile Phones with GPS and GSM network.

 Programmable LED Controller   Specification:

Input Voltage 12V to 24V d.c. Supply
Output Voltage Switch-mode stabilised to suit LED operating current.
LED load (max) upto 12 Amp at 12V d.c.
Programming Any of the 256 IALA characters can be selected through 2x16 way sel. switches.
Light control Automatic ON / OFF.
Charge controller Provided in the PLC-12
Protection Against reverse polarity, over Voltage, and short circuit
Temp. range -20oC to +60oC
Enclosure 110mm dia x 45mm high.
Fixings Two M3 thread holes at 76mm centres
Weight 250 gms.