Polyethylene Mooring Buoys  POLYETHYLENE MOORING BUOYS

  • Body material : Rotationally moulded in 4 quadrants bolted together,UV stailished vergin Ployethylene.
  • Color : Premixed with body material before moulding Colour as per IALA.
  • Foam : Body filled with closed cell P.U Foam.
  • Mooring chain Tie-Rod : 1 No.En8 Steel
  • Central Frame Work : Galvanised steel (made of Top and Bottom steel plates joined internally with steel arms as shaown.)
  • Fixed Vessel Mooring hook : 1 No.En8 steel
  • Quick Release Hook : Optional(In place of Fixed hook).
  • Lifting Eyes : $ Nos.Galvanised steel
  • Safety Railing and Ladder : Stainless Steel.

 Polyethylene Mooring Buoys   Specification:

Specification PEMB-2600 PEMB-3000
Body dia and thickness 2.6M x 18 mm 3.0M x 18 mm
Buoy height 1400mm 1600mm
Buoy Air weight 1840 kg 2230 kg
Draft 300mm 280mm
Free Board 1100mm 1320mm
Reserve Buoyancy 6000kg 9500kg
Submergence (by lifted chain weight) 10mm per 54.0kg 10mm per 72.0kg
Light,Radar reflector,Top mark optional optional