Port Apporching Leading Light  Port Approching Leading Light

Lantern Specification

Light source High intensity LEDs.
Light Colour White, Green, Red or Yellow.
LEDs Service life > 60,000 hours.
Beam divergence 6 degrees.
Optical system Secondary lenses.
Lantern body Aluminum alloy casting sealed to Ip65 standard.
Cable entry M16 Cable glands fitted.
Fixing 4 holes for M10 bolts at 200 mm PCD.
Weight PAL-16N: 6.0 kg. (approx.)
PAL-5D : 18.0 kg. (approx.)

PLC-12 Programable LED Controller(Fitted inside each Lantern)

Input Voltage 12V to 24V d.c. Supply
Output Voltage Switch-mode stabilised to suit LED operating current.
Programming Any of the characters can be set.
Light control Automatic ON / OFF By Photo diode.
Charge controller Solar charge control provided
Protection Against reverse polarity, over Voltage, and short circuit
Temp. range -20oC to +60oC

 Port Apporching Leading Light   Solar Power Supply

For solar supply system, solar panel shall be mounted on a frame and Batteries shall be accommodated in a GRP boxes For mains supply system the lantern shall be supplied with an AC/DC converter.

TYPE Peak Intensity Range (T=.74) LED Load Solar Supply System
PAL-16 N 45,000 cds > 16.0 n. miles 12V 1.2 Amp 1 No. 12V 50W 12V 150AH 14 days
PAL-5 D 300,000 cds > 5.0 n. miles 12V 7.2 Amp 2 Nos. 12V 100W 12V 200AH 4 days