Steel Navigation Buoys  STEEL NAVIGATION BUOYS

  • Body material : Mild Steel
  • Body finish &Color : Shot blasted and Epoxy painted colour as per IALA.
  • Mooring Eyes : Two of Steel.
  • Lifting Eyes : Four of Steel.
  • Superstructure : 4 sided M.S angle with ladder on one side.
  • Daymark : GRP panels fitted on each side of superstructure.
  • Fender : Marine grade rubber.

 Steel Navigation Buoys   Specification:

Specification SKS-1400 SKS-1800 SKS-2000
Location Partially sheltered Partially sheltered Partially sheltered
Body dia and thickness 1.4M x 6 mm 1.8M x 6 mm 2.0M x 8 mm
Buoy height with D/M 3050mm 3825mm 4275mm
Buoy Air weight 925 kg 1580 kg 2175 kg
Focal height 2160mm 3245mm 3600mm
Draft 1065mm 1230mm 1325mm
Free Board 435mm 745mm 800mm
Reserve Buoyancy 675kg 1865kg 2395 kg
Submergence (by lifted chain weight) 10mm per 15 kg 10mm per 26 kg 10mm per 32 kg
Radar reflector RR-25 RR-25 RR-25
Max.supported chain weight 200kg. 600kg. 750kg.
Recommended chain dia 19mm. 22mm. 26mm.